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Be careful what you wish for, maybe after this you will never be satisfied with anything else.

Mark Koolen

Mark Koolen


Jennifer Demmers

Jennifer Demmers

Agent Europe / Russia

Valentina Hill

Valentina Hill

Agent L.A. / USA

Sold my penthouses so easy when clients saw it loaded with hot photomodels.

Gregor - real estate investor new york

While working at the office I can see myself driving through the hills in my 488 Spider.

Stacy - multiple business owner

After years of work, I can let people see what I became.

Rozario - exclusive car dealer

Redefine your appearance

Be humble they said …
Stay humble towards others, they said …
People will like you then, they said …

No I said …
With divine skills I make people proud of themselves, I said.
I change the world by being bold, I said.
Because … I’m the golden boy

The best thing in my profession as a photographer is that I can give people a look. Thinking of concepts that really reinforce a person or brand. Contributing to how the world sees you and how you want to be seen. Call it branding or identity, I like to call it giving character to your appearance.

I am based in Amsterdam. Working a lot for companies, including marketing and advertising agencies, but I have built up a large portfolio particularly in fashion. My work brings me to the most beautiful places: Paris, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Florence… Whether it is a local restaurant or the new collection of a top designer in Paris, I make sure it becomes striking.

The golden boy high end boutique photographer Mark Koolen photography. Gold location in an exclusive setting with an golden ceiling and carpet floor. Location is michelin restaurant Bord'Eau Amsterdam.

I dare you to appear boldly...