A vinologist, but not just a ordinary one. How do you show someone that you are the best in your profession, that you are the viticulturist where they should be? To solve this problem, I have developed a concept that no one can ignore. A professional who breathes and lives in his field, a professional with knowledge and passion.

In my mind I had an image of a man who is immersed in his specialization. In his own wine cellar reading about wine and with his feet in a tub of wine. A vinologist to the bone who lives for nothing but to turn his passion into craftsmanship. For this photo shoot we have arranged everything to work it out to the last detail. Meet Heiko Oberman, vinologist from Amsterdam.

Fotoshoot horeca voor vinoloog en sommelier Heiko Oberman van Passion4wines in de Veranda Amsterdam door bedrijfsfotograaf Mark Koolen bedrijfsfotografie