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Enjoy life and watch people enjoying it. As someone who likes living to the fullest, I have a great appreciation for gastronomy and the professionals who bring it to a higher level. Passionately creating something where you immerse your guest in an atmosphere of enjoyment where all parts perfectly form a whole. From seeing a restaurant online, coming in and finally seeing the level of perfection in the kitchen that goes in creating top dishes.

My passion for top images combined with the passion of the top people in gastronomy is a great way for me to work as a photographer. That’s why I started to specialize in gastronomy and I am proud to have been able to work with so many Michelin-star chefs.

High end food photography in michelin restaurant vrijmoed by luxury photographer mark Koolen
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Top dishes honed to perfection by top chefs with Michelin stars. A great subject to do even more justice to by doing top photography on location. Working with beautiful light and textures and a final edit that gives it the class and charisma that the chef has in mind. Shot on location in the restaurant or kitchen to efficiently create magazine style photos so that you can show the dishes online in all their perfection. From fresh and bright to dark and moody, whatever compliments the restaurant and the chefs’ vision the best.


The entire online presence from impressions of the restaurant and detailed photos of dishes, to commercial images that show the lifestyle that the business exudes. From a photo of a room with incident sunlight, to a table full of guests in their best attire complete with styling and makeup.

Everything is working towards creating an identity that suits the restaurant and puts you on the map regarding your online presence. Everything is conceivable and possible, my team of creatives and I think beyond just a simple photograph.

Logo Mark Koolen photography
The golden boy high end boutique photographer Mark Koolen photography. Gold location in an exclusive setting with an golden ceiling and carpet floor. Location is michelin restaurant Bord'Eau Amsterdam.

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