If there is one very important thing in fashion photography, it is that you need to explore yourself and test new team members. Your images are as good as the weakest team member, so it’s really important that you can rely on the professionals that you’re working with. In this case it was the first time that I collaborated with SvR Styling. And not only with SvR Styling; this was also the first shoot that I did with the Elinchrom Litemotiv, in my opinion the best light former for fashion photography. The direction and shape of the light gives a perfect mix of hardness, character and fall-off. In this case I used the light as an very hard light as you can see by the shadows.

Whenever I shoot a campaign or lookbooks for fashion designers; I always strive to capture the perfect mood in the images. Every designer or collection has its own style and emphasize the concept with the right kind of light and edit is essential. We didn’t shoot images for our portfolio. We shot to make the clothes stand out. That’s the team’s job!