Miss Shareena Dwarka, when true beauty and gold come together

When photographing an advertising campaign, it is always important that the message is clear, and how looking at the campaign images should make you feel. That’s why effective communication is so important when planning a photo shoot. This is the part where everyone should get on the same page. This way an image can be created that matches what the client wants to project. See this creation with Shareena Dwarka, miss India Holland.

Indian beauty Shareena and gold, a magical combination

In this image we have pushed everything towards the warmer, richer side using gold shades to create an exclusive image. A powerful pose of a beautiful strong model that can take on the world with stunning jewelry that empowers her even more. For this shoot we worked together with former Miss India Holland Shareena Dwarka. A model that combines pure beauty, accessibility and power. A model that elevates a campaign and creates desire.

Location is key

The location where the photoshoot is done is a major key in the overall feel of an image. This is the place where every aspect of the subject needs to fit in, and this is the place that needs to extrapolate the vibe that you want. In this case we went to a beautiful hotel in Utrecht the Netherlands called the Badhu. This location has e lot of stunning rooms all in different styles, and as you can see, one in the style that fits this photoshoot very well.

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Mark Koolen exclusive boutique photography photographer for the high end market supermodel shareena dwarka in gold

Fashionshoot Fantasy Design

Beauty sometimes asks for simplicity. So sometimes all you need is the right light to let the model shine brighter than ever. The focus needs to be on her. Basic styling and no distractions to grab the attention of the viewer. Her strong face has been accentuated with some focus lines on the eyes and jawline and keeping the rest clean.

Fashionshoot Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren

Unfinished, unpolished, undone. A raw edge can make things perfect. Creating these images asked for an unnatural approach; making things not too perfect. Giving it almost a behind-the-scenes kind of feeling with visible lamps and panels to match with the washed and distressed styling. This gives the complete shoot a mixture of thought through images that are a bit uneven and undone.


Give that blue some style

Photographing for brands and designers is all about storytelling. One of the most important things is to find that fingerprint in the concept and design and translate that into imagery. Get to know the brand and the designer and learn about their inspiration.

My job is to translate that with the help of the make-up artist, model and venue into a visual world. Small details such as the background colours and make-up can jeopardize a final image. Every little detail needs to be spot on and contribute in telling that same story. This can be enhanced through the use of the right lights and editing, but the basis is the team.

Fashionshoot with SvR Styling and the Elinchrom Litemotiv

If there is one very important thing in fashion photography, it is that you need to explore yourself and test new team members. Your images are as good as the weakest team member, so it’s really important that you can rely on the professionals that you’re working with. In this case it was the first time that I collaborated with SvR Styling. And not only with SvR Styling; this was also the first shoot that I did with the Elinchrom Litemotiv, in my opinion the best light former for fashion photography. The direction and shape of the light gives a perfect mix of hardness, character and fall-off. In this case I used the light as an very hard light as you can see by the shadows.

Whenever I shoot a campaign or lookbooks for fashion designers; I always strive to capture the perfect mood in the images. Every designer or collection has its own style and emphasize the concept with the right kind of light and edit is essential. We didn’t shoot images for our portfolio. We shot to make the clothes stand out. That’s the team’s job!